At the age of eight I began piano lessons, but rarely persevered in my practice and by 13 had given up. I reached the dizzy heights of Grade 2 practical and Grade 3 theory.

The interest in music stayed with me and later I began an LP collection with "The Electric Light Orchestra", SHVL 797, 1971, including the single "10538 Overture", and "Popcorn" by "Hot Butter" (cringe). My parents bought me a stereo system, consisting of a National Panasonic cassette deck, Teleton FM/AM receiver and speakers. This was progressively updated when I had the money (not often). I bought a Pioneer PL112D turntable and the system went backwards and forwards with me to Uni'. Always the first to be unpacked!

My tastes are mainly classical, after listening to my parents' LP collection, 70's Pop and jazz-rock, and the modern Christian worship songs.

I'm an avid follower of the BBC Proms and usually record their TV transmissions for later listening. Some of the more modern material I wouldn't listen to but the experience of seeing it played makes it more palatable. I love the piano concertos by Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and some others. I also like the Strauss waltzes and polkas, the Gilbert and Sullevan operettas, but not opera, unless it's sung by Lesley Garrett.Back to Top

I'm more interested in the technical side of music than in performing it, although I did lead the worship group at our church for a time (as a vocalist, not a pianist!) Consequently I'm involved with the P.A. and audio recording of church services, and projection of songs and slides using a PC.

My current PC is a laptop and I've been using a gadget called an I-Mic to transfer LP and cassette to CD & MP3. Rather than using the mic/line input, the I-Mic uses USB. It's essentially an analogue-to-digital converter powered by the USB port. It has a single 3.5mm stereo jack and a switch for microphone and line level inputs. As a Windows user, I needed some compatible software and I found Sound Recorder and Sound Editor by PolderbitS Software to be easy to use. An observation is that after selecting the audio input to I-Mic, the only recording option is Microphone. But it makes excellent recordings when switched to line level input so this is not much of a problem. Back to Top