Interests and hobbies are important, but none are as important as my faith, though it's neither an interest nor a hobby as it underpins everything I do. It helps me know who I am and where I am heading.

My other interests are in no particular order (see the list on the left of this page). I have been involved with a couple of charities, one of which gave me my first opportunity in web page design. Training followed to develop my skills and use them in paid employment. Give me an opportunity to use a computer and I'm lost for hours ...

I love pottering about in the garden as it provides a break from more mentally-strenuous activities and allows other issues to be thought through.

My interests in music have varied enormously since I began listening to the Radio 1 charts and bought my first LP. It used to be an excuse to avoid the necessary diy jobs.

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I run the technical team at church. I prepare a rota using Excel and print it as a PDF for distribution. Here is the latest version. I am trying to display this PDF on our new Church Website, but it doesn't display properly. Thankfully, it shows okay here.