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This is the web site for Crocus Ministries, a registered charity run by Christians to meet the needs of Ministers and Church Leaders. I originally formatted the web site on their behalf, using MS FrontPage Express 2.0, and uploaded it using FTP. It represents my first adventure into web page design, although it has been re-visited periodically. The site was first hosted using free web space at Clara.Net but after we purchased a domain it was moved to Solidrock (UK) Ltd.
The John Young Foundation lives here, another Christian charity, based in Stafford, UK. Pages were originally developed using Word 97.
My Flickr Account
Flickr is an online database of photographs. Registering is free but for a small fee extra facilities are available. If you have broadband, uploading pictures is a doddle. You can either visit a special web page and use browse buttons to select up to 5 files on your computer, or you can download an uploader to use with drag 'n' drop. If you have a dial-up account, find a friend with broadband (!) or you could try your local library but check first whether storage devices (including cameras) can be connected. Here is my Flickr account.
My Personal Site
The web site of which this page is a part was begun in August 2006 following studies in HTML 4.01 and CSS, and shows off my skills in these areas. The site develops as my training and work experience continues. More information here. Any comments or feedback may be sent to me using the Contacts page.Back to Top
Early Blog
This was my first attempt at a weblog, but my entries lapsed when I began using the FriendsReunited one (below).
My FriendsReunited Blog
The FR weblog began in April 2006 as a journal for the progress of the author on the road back to work. I distributed the URL among friends and relatives only. I try and post there at least monthly.
The Wiki
Not to be confused with The Wookie from Star Wars, this is a collaborative forum.
The 'rich57' Blog
This weblog is powered by WordPress, PHP and MySQL and is a development project to acquaint me with those technologies, and a backup in case the FR blog closes down.Back to Top