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Web Site Development
Here I'm trying out the Lightbox JS v2.04 written by Lokesh Dhakar.
ASP.Net 2.0
I'm using a book entitled "Beginning ASP.NET 2.0", published by Wrox Press, Visual Web Developer Express and MS SQL Server 2005 Express. There's a helpful forum at P2P.
Intranet Gaming
This is a rather adventurous task (for me at least) of using a browser to allow up to six people to play a card game at locations linked by a company intranet. The game had been played at my former place of work for decades (longer than I have worked there) for something to do during the lunch-hour. After a recent re-organisation, most of the players moved "up the road" to another site leaving the remainder "non-quorate". I have little experience of programming but feel sure that I could enlist help and advice whether from others at work or fellow internet users.
The game to date has only had verbal rules so I have compiled an explanation of play and scoring etc. and some of the jargon that has developed over the years. I have also begun to compile a sequence of events which describe the game, and to develop the appearance of the screen display and attributes to make it user-friendly.
If anyone can offer any advice, please use the Contacts page.