Loading header image

September 6th, 2006

I was inspecting the CSS while the blog was displayed and found a comment about loading a background image into the header. It says “load a file called personalheader.jpg into the /images/ directory”. It gives guidance on pixel size. So I’ve done that but the header is still plain blue. What else needs to be done?

Mouse runs away

August 31st, 2006

Here I would like to record some evidence for an annoying ‘feature’ in Windows XP (I have Pro & SP2 installed).

Picture the scene: I am browsing an article using Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (my default browser). The browser window is not maximised so I can see other windows underneath. My email client, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5, is maximised so clearly I can’t see any windows under that, though there are some. I am using a Dell wired, optical mouse with a scrollwheel plugged into a USB port on my laptop, also a Dell.

The article I am reading is spread across a number of pages and ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ links are available at the bottom of each page. I read a number of pages, clicking ‘Next’ as usual, and everything is fine.

On about the seventh page, as I’m moving my mouse down the page towards the ‘Next’ link, it takes it upon itself to scoot off towards the top right corner of the screen where the Close button is located for the Thunderbird window. The popup message ‘Close’ pops up. Somewhat irritated I bring the mouse back down to the intended link and carry on reading.

What’s going on? This happens maybe a couple of times a day, but I don’t keep statistics. This is the first time I’ve documented what’s happened, but I’ve previously searched a couple of online forums for advice and mentioned it in an email to a friend.

Computeract!ive Workshop

August 11th, 2006

As a subscriber to Computeract!ve magazine for some years, I often wondered why there were so few Workshops of the Level 3 variety.

For non-readers, the Workshops’ opening page explains: Level 1 is “suitable for the most anxious novice …”; Level 2 is “more involved, but simple enough …”; Level 3 “will bolster your existing knowledge … clear but demanding.”

This Workshop in Issue 218 is a little tricky. First, it requires your own web space. Not a big deal, but I still managed to subscribe to a service which didn’t support MySQL. The changeover was something of a hassle as I’d got a ‘free’ domain in the first package. Also I wanted support for MS Access and the first webhost couldn’t offer this in addition to MySQL.

The later steps became more complicated as they weren’t all completed in a single session. I confess that I didn’t keep as many notes about what I was doing as I should have done, very few in fact. So if I had a day or two away from the computer, I found it difficult to pick up where I left off.

I downloaded WordPress as a ZIP file and extracted the files. The there was the need to edit and save the configuration file. The Workshop said that it “should not be necessary to change the ‘define(’DB_HOST’,'localhost’)’ line.” However, the Support Team differed and a couple of emails later I had the right info.

I have two FTP programs available. One is part of HTML-Kit which I use for creating and editing HTML and CSS files. I found that this program was unable to upload any sub-folders, so I used the alternative WS_FTP95 LE to upload the WordPress files.

Hello world!

July 31st, 2006

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!